Random Thoughts on Scientific Philosophy – I

Modern civilization is guided by technology and above all – human knowledge. Humans are inquisitive by nature. This is why the development of human civilization was possible as compared to millions of species that has co-existed with us for the millions of years. Most of us take human knowledge for granted. But for some people knowledge is hard earned. I believe that the present knowledge is a result of people who dared to refute the dogmatic ideas rather than the people who blindly accept the truth.

History has witnessed many such people among whom Galileo, the famous scientist, is the one. During his time it was obvious that the Sun revolved round the Earth. This idea was also well supported by the holy Bible and the church. But Galileo’s immense observation and calculation proved the opposite was the truth, the Earth revolved round the Sun and not vice-versa. He had to struggle his entire lifetime proving this fact which now we take this knowledge for granted.

Furthermore, great knowledge is never easy but hard earned. It is a painful process of thousands of trials and errors that only diligent minds strive for. Had Thomas Edison surrendered that he could not light an electric bulb we would have to spend our nights in darkness. He disagreed to his own ideas, of lighting a bulb, thousand times before he finally succeeded.

However, presenting a discordant idea always does not work. Some people merely come-up with bizarre ideas and challenge the truth. We live a community surrounded by skeptic minds who doubt almost everything. Some people are willing to accept anything regardless of the evidence presented whether its man landing on the Moon or the theory of evolution. But the effort is worthless unless the idea can proselytize the mass.

In essence, human history is the history of human belief. I believe in rationality and science where ideas are backed by creditable reasons. I believe in having open-mindedness ready to accept new ideas having reasonable evidence and reject the novel ideas which are meaningless. The people who take the risk to disagree the ‘truth’ and bring a paradigm shift with their belief are the heroes of human history


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