Random Thoughts on Scientific Philosophy – II

The university is the place where knowledge is born. This nascent knowledge must be given a proper guidance before it can make any impact in the human society. In fact, all the three worlds of the university – the sciences, the humanities and the social sciences are the intricate part of one another. Without anyone of the components the entire human civilization becomes lame. I believe there must be meaningful interaction between all the three disciplines.

Science did not give birth to humans rather its humans who are the progenitor of all forms of sciences. Trivial sciences that does not affect human lives or their environ are, in fact, not a science itself. All the sciences that are being done today are to improve the human race. Scientists study about diseases and medicines to give us a salubrious life. With the advent of modern science, human lifestyle and society has taken a quantum leap. We study about plants, animals, microbes, nature and universe to know more about life itself.

However, it would not be justifiable to give science the sheer credit for the development of human race. It was art, culture, religion, language, music, sports and economics that has adorned the human glory for ages. These disciplines of humanities had propelled the human civilization right from its inception till date and it has made profound effect in our daily lives. I concede that science too; have a significant contribution towards each of the above disciplines.

As Rousseau once said – “Man is born free, and he is everywhere in chains.” We, human beings, love to socialize. This has made the human beings the most superior species among million of species on the Earth. The social norms and values guide us for our social well-being and have a direct impact on the art, culture and above all human life style.

In essence, it is the intelligence and precocity of science, dexterity of art and culture and the bonding within the society that has led to the development of human race. All the knowledge within these three worlds must unite for better tomorrow.


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