Age-dependent expression of Housekeeping genes

Housekeeping genes are a set of genes that is constitutively expressed irrespective of the tissue type in a genome (Eisenberg and Levanon, 2003).  Housekeeping genes are more important in any gene-expression or qPCR analysis and is often considered as standards to quantify gene-expression. It’s generally believed that certain housekeeping genes are always expressed at more-or-less constant level in a time continuum. But a recent paper tries to analyze the expression of level of these housekeeping gene in a population of organism at different stages of life-span.  Interestingly, this paper highlights that there can be variation of gene-expression levels of certain housekeeping genes dependent of age-factor of the population.

For the full-text article: Age-related changes in relative expression stability of commonly used housekeeping genes in selected porcine tissues



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