Cancer – a battle against nature’s law

After a long hiatus, I’m back again in the blogging world. The blog presented below is a part of a practice writing in a workshop aimed to communicate the research to public sphere that I attended today at my university.

Cancer is a complex disease where we are battling against the Mother Nature’s rule of to get old. This war against cancer is not a fight against any killer organism instead it’s the evolutionary phenomena which we are trying to avoid. The entire human civilization is believed to have been brought out of a single living cell that was formed millions of years ago. During the course of time the several biological processes evolved and so did various new organisms including the human being themselves. Along the same time, many biological processes lost their perfection and introduced many “errors” in these processes. Similar analogy can be put in the context of aging of a single human being. From the time a child is born till he gets old, he accumulates lots of imperfections in several biological processes, wearing and tearing up his body and ending up in a disease which we now call as cancer.

The scenario is more complicated by the fact that every cancer is different and every cancer patient is different. To add more spices to the puzzle – as per some recent findings multiple tumors within a single tissue (or organ) in a patient can have completely different genetic makeup indicating that these tumor are completely different from each other.

History has witnessed the discovery some miracle drug like penicillin, vaccines which have saved millions of lives till date. These drugs, following a popular treatment strategy, treated a mass of people with same/similar disease. But a miracle drug for cancer is still far from the horizon due to its complex nature. Unlike other diseases, the treatment of cancer is only possible if we will have a patient-specific treatment. All the drugs available in the market for the treatment of cancer is more palliative i.e. those drugs slows down the progression of cancer but does not completely treat the cancer itself.

Although human civilization has invested centuries of their knowledge to understand cancer, it’s only in the past few years that we have started to unravel the complex nature of this disease. Recent advances in sciences and technology has helped not only to understand cancer but it has also improved the treatment and lives of cancer patient. For the past few years, I’ve been deeply involved in cancer research along with some of the world’s leading experts on the field. I believe that we will witness vast improvements in cancer diagnosis and treatment in coming decades.

However the mantra to prevent yourself of getting cancer is to be self-conscious of your healthy life style. A lot of recent studies demonstrate that a healthy lifestyle with healthy foods, good amount of exercise and mental fitness reduces your risk of getting cancer. This can certainly help your immune system to rejuvenate and battle against any errors the mother natures might enforce as you age.


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