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Bioinformatician | Data Scientist | Cancer Genomics| Systems Medicine | PhD Candidate | University of British Columbia | Vancouver | Canada | Nepal

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Hi I’m Raunak Shrestha. Please visit my personal web-site  (http://raunakms.github.io/) to know more about me and my research works.



I present this blog as a means to share my ideas and knowledge to the world mostly in Bioinformatics, Genomics and Molecular Biology. I’m open to critics and I expect some valuable comments/suggestion…. keep blogging …!!!!


Unless explicitly stated in the posts, everything written by me is my personal opinion and it does not reflect the opinions of my employers. Opinion expressed in my blog posts can be  unavoidably, conflicted because like every one else I am biased.The content and opinions expressed in articles are not guaranteed to be correct, I could be wrong.