About Me

Bioinformatician | Data Scientist | Cancer Genomics| Systems Biology | PhD Candidate | University of British Columbia | Vancouver | Canada | Nepal

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I’m Raunak Shrestha – born in Nepal and currently residing in Vancouver, Canada.

Professionally I’m a

  • Data ScientistBetter at Statistics than any Software Engineer and Better at Software Engineering than any Statistician
  • BioinformaticianKnows more biology than both Statistician and Software Engineer
  • Computational Biologist a Computer Scientist with algorithm development and machine learning skills, working to solve biological problems specially related to Cancer.

I’m a Bioinformatics Doctoral Student at University of British Columbia (UBC) under Bioinformatics Training Program. I work in Laboratory for Advanced Genome Analysis (LAGA) stationed at Vancouver Prostate Center (VPC)  and working in conjunction with Lab for Computational Biology at SFU. My works revolves around Prostate Cancer Genomics & Bioinformatics.

I did my under-graduate (B. Tech.) in Biotechnology from Kathmandu University (2005-2009). Then worked for two years as a Research Associate in Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN)/Intrepid Nepal (IN) (2009-2011) before moving to Canada.

Research Interest

I like to understand the biological problems behind a complex disease, interpret the problem in a mathematical language and provide a computational solution to the problem. My main interest lies in the development and application of computational tools to enable precision medicine in cancer. I use machine learning and statistical techniques to understand the genetic basis of cancer. I develop different computational tools/methods to integrate multi-omics data generated from individual patient. For this, I believe  network based approaches are the best way to study the multi-layered information in a patient. My primary focus is on exploring this idea to prioritize driver genes or modules (group of interconnected genes) of cancer exploiting the genotype-phenotype relationships in cancer patients. Most recently, I’ve been focusing on developing computational tools to predict therapeutics that target the drivers of cancer. My other research interests lies in cancer biomarker discovery using multi-omics data.

I present this blog as a means to share my ideas and knowledge to the world mostly in Bioinformatics, Genomics and Molecular Biology. I’m open to critics and I expect some valuable comments/suggestion…. keep blogging …!!!!


Unless explicitly stated in the posts, everything written by me is my personal opinion and it does not reflect the opinions of my employers. Opinion expressed in my blog posts can be  unavoidably, conflicted because like every one else I am biased.The content and opinions expressed in articles are not guaranteed to be correct, I could be wrong.